About Sperk*

"And it's easy to deride this sort of thing as self-absorbed publishing--
why would anyone put out such drivel in public.  
It's simple.
They're not talking to you."
~Clay Shirky


A few weeks ago, I made a mistake.  I clicked something I shouldn't have.  It was the "delete" button belonging to a gallery that housed all of my photos for my blog.  I am in the process of added back all the photos.  So please know, 

this is a work in progress. 

Thanks for visiting.

"Friendship is born at that moment 
when one person says to another: 
'What! You too?  
I thought I was the only one.'" 
~C.S. Lewis

{Sperk* is the fearless examination of life with two adolescent daughters.  Readers will find stories about parenting teens, being a divorced mom in her 40's and healing from childhood trauma.  For lighter fare there are musings on music, current events and pop culture.  I am an Instagram addict and my photos have been selected three times to be included in The Columbus Museum of Arts Community Photo Hunt exhibit.}


  1. You girls are adorable. As you know from my blog and the twitter, I have 3 girls aged 16, 8, and 7. I lurk this place a lot and relate to every post even though I'm a father.

    keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Lance. I appreciate you coming by Sperk*. For some reason, adding one more daughter to the crew, as in your three, seems unbelievably challenging. Good to know you and glad you are here!

  2. I just love reading you...from your anecdotes to your soapbox, it's always something to smile at or shout, "Amen, sister!" to. :-)

    For that reason, you're the next victim in an evil chainmail of bloggy love. Come on over for your prize!



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