Monday, August 27, 2012

The More Things Change

Have I told you how grateful I am for Monday Listicles?  When I get out of the habit of caring for Sperk*, Monday Listicles always brings me back, gently and successfully.  Thanks, Stasha.

Today’s theme is 10 Clues We Are Living In 2012.  But, you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

5 Clues I Am Living in 2012

1.  I have no landline. My home phone is my cell phone.

2.  My oldest is a freshman in high school.

3.  I can go an entire week without speaking to anyone, but still communicate with the world.

4.  Completed my college degree without stepping foot in a classroom.

5.  $100 buys only one bag of groceries.

5 Clues Nothing Has Changed Since 1992

1.  My kids’ school backpacks weigh over 50 pounds each.  (When will technology replace all of those binders and books?)

2.  I get calls from telemarketers soliciting time shares.

3.  Teens still have make-out parties in the basement and think parents do not know.

4.  Watching television is still one of America’s top forms of entertainment.

5.  Moms top the list as the number one most embarrassing thing in the lives of teens.

Who knows.  Some of these things may change.  Our school district will eventually embrace technology.  Kids may have online make-out parties.  But one thing that will most definitely never change:  our kids' need for love and acceptance.  

Go hug your baby.  Or your puppy.  Or go online and feed your cyber-pet.

Go forth into the new week with optimism. . . because I said so.

The best way to spend Monday in the blogosphere!

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  1. I love how you split this list into things that have an haven't changed. Teenagers think we don't know a lot of things...Congrats re your online degree!

  2. I know..the groceries?! It's insane! We still have a landline, however, the only calls we receive on it are from telemarketers soliciting time shares!

  3. I want a time share!! Haha. No I don't. I love how you've split the list. And the groceries? Omg it infuriates and depresses me that food costs this much. On the other hand the all you can eat buffets while people are starving are pretty depressing too.

    My dad kept asking me if I had a phone at home. I said Dad you know I have a cellphone. He said no, a phone. I couldn't figure out what he meant until I realized he meant landline. Haha. Oh Pop...

  4. So true that $100 buys only one bag of groceries!

  5. Love how you did this!

    And the goodness, so true. I can't believe how much dead tree my kids come home with. I thought we were supposed to be reducing?

  6. The groceries make me sick; no break at all. Love the list split into two fives - very funny! And if I didn't go to the grocery store and also talk to my mom once a week, I probably wouldn't talk to anyone outside social media (and my house). yikes!

  7. No joke on the groceries! Just today I bought food for the week for me and Lil Duck...thats TWO people and I paid $125

  8. TV - Classic! I can't apart from it either.

  9. Yes! So, so so true! Especially the communicating 2012.

  10. I hear you on the backpacks. Mine was heavy and destroyed my shoulder and it appears my kids are on the same pathway. Both of my girls have kindles, could we use those??

    But you may be on to something with the online make-out parties. They sound so sanitary.:) Ellen

  11. I like how you split the list. It's all so true!

  12. I love this so much!!! And I am so glad we can be here for our kids and mortify them daily ;)
    Why are those backpacks so darn heavy?

  13. Miss reading your posts! (I've been absent from "the grid" all summer!) However, I created a Moms Who Write and Blog new Facebook group and I am hoping you'll join! GO here

  14. I went landline-free for a few years, but now have one again (thanks to my telecommute job... conference calls sort of suck on a cell phone). And hello. How many times do I need to register for the do-not-call list before I stop getting thoese telemarketer calls? You get those too? Ugh!

  15. I love how you tell it like it is, with honesty, and humor!

  16. Oh, the cost of groceries! Isn't it crazy? I know I'm officially old when I lament the cost of everything which I do, all the time. And so true about #3. It's amazing how I can not 'talk' to anyone, but talk to everyone.
    I hope you've had a great summer, Kimberly.

  17. Something else that will never change (for me): I will always, ALWAYS call my personal music device a "Walkman". And a mobile is a cell phone. And I "tape" my shows... on the DVR.

    Wait, those aren't things that haven't changed. It's just me sounding old.

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