Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Very Informal Wednesday's Woman

It’s my birthday!

I love birthdays—celebrating the anniversary of the day of my arrival onto the planet as a being no longer requiring life support from her mother’s womb.  It’s an important day.  It means this:   I am meant to be here.  And for that reason alone, I should live well, celebrate life, contemplate making it better, take action, and so on.

As a birthday present for myself, I am quitting smoking.  Smoking is gross.  It kills.  It’s socially unacceptable, which makes me a shameful outcast.  It’s a vice I use to stuff feelings and escape.  It’s … well…

Heart Disease is the number one killer of women in America.

It’s Wednesday!

I thought about honoring myself for Wednesday’s Woman because it’s my birthday.  My judgmental inner-coach told me that would seem very prideful and vain. 

On second thought, maybe not.


Today’s Wednesday’s Woman is every woman who has ever stopped smoking!

For more interesting reading, check out last week’s Wednesday’s Woman, by Anna Mahler, spotlighting Christy Turlington Burns who is a former smoker and founder of Smoking is Ugly.

Another interesting read about women and hot off the press is from Forbes: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women 2012. 

I didn’t make the list.  But Forbes hasn't figured out just how powerful I am.  I will give them a few years.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday's Woman is a weekly feature spotlighting women who are positive role models for our daughters and the world. . .

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  1. I LOVE this Wed. Woman post and I nominate you as today's Wed. Woman! All women who have quit smoking? Ok, that's pretty awesome too :) Hope you are having a wonderful birthday! Forbes can't handle how powerful you are, they better get ready!!! Celebrate today, you are meant to be here and we are lucky to have you.

  2. you SHOULD nominate yourself!!! You are a wednesday woman if ever i saw them! :) best of luck to you on quiting smoking. and i'm celebrating you being here today too!!

  3. Happy Birthday Kimberly! I do agree, you totally are worthy of the "Wednesday's Woman" spotlight! From your impassioned posts related to gender identity, your candid confessions as a survivor of abuse, and the honesty I read from you day in and day out, I'll be the one to formally nominate you as Wednesday's Woman! You so deserve it. And as for Forbes list, better luck next year!

    1. Jackie, this comment really made my day. I need to print it and post it on my mirror for when I need some validation. Awesome, thanks.

  4. Smoking Is bad news. But then again quiting smoking gives you a chance at life again. plus you lower the risk of hear disease when you quit.

  5. Belated happy birthday and CONGRATS on quitting smoking!


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