Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Good to Be Curious about Mister Rogers

It's time for Monday Listicles, the blogging meme hosted by the beautiful photographer extraordinaire, Stasha at The Good Life!

Today's theme for the list comes from writers Erin and Ellen, over at one of my favorite blogs, Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms.  The theme is Things that Make You Go Hmm.

I had several lists for this one.  I cannot emphasize the word several enough for you.

Then I thought, "Well, how great it is to be curious about so many things."

And of course, my next thought was Mister Rogers.

Remember his song, Garden of Your Mind?

PBS digital studios recently remixed  the tune and created an accompanying video using the Symphony of Science favorite formula of pitch correction of spoken words over an original music track.

The video made my 13 year old go, "Hmm,"  not because of the fascinating pitch correction, but because of the vintage television footage.  Her words exactly?

It's creepy.

I have to agree with her.  Although, it does bring back fond memories of the days when my older sister was away at kindergarten and I was keeping my eye on my mom napping on the couch so I could sneak into the kitchen, climb on the counter, and steal a Hostess Cupcake out of the cupboard.  With that chocolate goodness and Mister Rogers as my pal, everything in my world was right.

I digress.

Although, the video brings back fond memories of TV-time as a tot, it made me go hmm.

What do you think?  (don't let my 13 year old's judgment scare you)

The best way to spend Monday in the blogosphere!

photo credit: dogwelder via photo pin cc


  1. That was a very odd video. But I remember watching that as a kid too. I can't remember if I liked it, but I do remember watching it!

  2. I loved it. Period. I'm into trippy, loungey music, and it fit perfectly. I also love the sentiment that is repeated. Nothing could make Mr. Rogers creepy for me. Not even Henrietta Cat - and she was creepy.

  3. I went to see the Mr. Rogers set in Pittsburgh, it is freaky.

  4. My 11 yr old heard this playing and came right over. Her first word, "Creepy." I ALWAYS found Mr. Rogers creepy and patronizing before I even knew what patronizing was. :) Ellen

  5. When he said, "In the garden of your mind" the first time it freaked me out a bit. By time three I had to hit stop. I SO DO NOT remember him being creepy but in retrospect - that was. Good one Kimberly.

  6. oh man. i always liked mr. rogers, but that was a little creepy. had to look away everytime they had him say "mind" :)

  7. I can only remember the theme song from Mr. Rogers - and it's certainly stuck in my head now :)

  8. I am taking my fifth on this one.

  9. It is actually strangely comforting.

  10. it is odd, but oddly comforting too. for some reason, that makes perfect sense due to my
    great memories of Mister Rogers.


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