Friday, June 22, 2012

Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life, sculpture by Alfred Tibor, downtown Columbus

I have to be at Antonia’s softball game in five minutes.  But I can’t go until I share.  Compulsive?  Impulsive?  Lacking ability to prioritize?

It’s been a crazy week.  Lots of ups and downs.  More downs than ups.  But that made the ups really vibrant.

I was driving on West Broad Street yesterday because I missed the exit for I70 East which would have gotten me home much faster.  

It offered an opportunity to take in the scenes that are Columbus.  The old neighborhoods.  Poverty.  Insanity.  Bulldozers.  Old cars. Shiny new cars.  Brick buildings. Dirt and concrete.

Sitting at a red light I looked north to shiny blue letters on a barely visible building because of the trees.  But I could read the words the letters formed.


I don’t have cancer.  I have never had cancer.  My kids are healthy and thriving. I didn’t need to put on my turn single and pull into that lot.

Gratitude entered every cell of my body.  And I felt it.  Really felt it.  


Maybe not spotless.  But living.

Thank you for your comments this week.  They’ve lifted me up.

Now, I’m going to a softball game.


  1. Beautiful. Just completely beautiful. You are in my thoughts, always.

  2. It's nice to get a reminder like that to kick us into gratitude, isn't it? I got one tonight when my family got to witness a rescue at the pool - squad and everything. Gratitude. Every day.

  3. I totallyl understand your moment. That is so precious.


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