Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ready to Go O-H-I-O

After the 2010 Ohio Gubernatorial Election results were in, I was physically ill.


Even though the polls indicated a close race between Democratic incumbent Governor Ted Strickland and his opponent John Kasich, I thought the possibility of the people of Ohio allowing a former managing director of Lehman Brothers to reside in the Governor’s mansion was akin to me gaining the super-power-ability to afford my property taxes without selling the silver.


As I tried to fathom how this could happen, I remembered the young man wearing ripped jeans and a Pearl Jam t-shirt who came to my door earlier that summer.  He asked for my support for Governor Strickland, which he received.  However, to the question, “Could you afford a little time to help the campaign?”  I answered, “No.”

When Kasich won the election--when I was ill, shocked and selling my silver--I vowed to say "Yes," to the next person who asked me to help in campaigning for a candidate I support. 

Today in Columbus, President Barack Obama officially launched his campaign for reelection at The Ohio State University.  He opened the Ready to Go Rally by saying:

“Hello, Ohio! It is good to be back in Ohio. . . We’re going to win this thing the old fashioned way, door by door, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.”

You are in my blogosphere neighborhood. I’m on your block and knocking at your door.

I'm asking friends if they can make a $5 donation to my grassroots fundraising page for President Obama
My goal is to raise $200.  By making a donation, you ensure America moves "Forward."  Click the badge below or in the sidebar to donate:



Unlike during the 2010 Ohio Gubernatorial campaign, to the 2012 Presidential campaign, I say, "Yes."

Why am I supporting the reelection of President Barack Obama?  

He answered better than I could today when he said:

“If people ask you what this campaign is about, you tell them it’s still about hope. It’s still about change. It’s about ordinary people who believe that in the face of the greatest odds, we can make a difference in this country.”


  1. I get it, I totally get it! I will do the same. The first person who knocks on MY door in California (thank you Governer Brown you wise old fox you!) and wants my support, et al, for Obama, I'll creat a "grassroots fundraising page for President Obama" like you did! Power to the people, or else we are SCREWED (more than we already are).

  2. Absolutely LOVE this and good for you for taking action when others (yes, me included) just think and/or worry about this stuff!


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