Sunday, April 15, 2012

10 Reasons Celebrities Are Like Us

It’s time for Monday Listicles hosted by the beautiful Stasha at The Good Life.  This week’s topic, 10 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Just Like Us, provided me with a much needed break from searching for research on the causes of child sexual abuse (no joke...I have become completely preoccupied with Child Abuse Awareness Month and I found some interesting answers).  Looking up things that make celebrities akin to the common folk wasn’t much less depressing.  However, one interesting factoid I found was that the reason we fall into the state of celebrity worship is that we desire status:

"Status is a critically important survival property in social animals like humans. Status assures us our place in the "pecking order," which determines when we eat, with whom we sleep and mate, as well as who we can rely upon for protection and friendship. In fact there is no complex feature amongst social animals more important than status. That is why people will fight and even kill almost without hesitation to retain and preserve their status."

The article went on to site a study wherein when Chimpanzees were tested, they preferred looking at pictures of the popular members in their troop to getting a yummy snack.  Put your salty chips down and gaze at the celebrities in my list.

10 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Just Like Us

1) They Blog

Felicity Huffman's new blog, What the Flicka?


2) They are on Tumblr

Lady Gaga, Amen Fashion

3) They Instagram

Jessica Alba on Instagram

4) They Tweet

Steve Martin on Twitter

5) They Use Facebook

Yoko Ono on Facebook

6) They Eat

Tom Cruise Eating

7) They Make Babies

Vanessa Minello and Nick Lachey are pregnant

8) They Sleep

10 Celebrities Who Love Their Sleep

9) They Use the Toilet

Celebrity Bathroom

10) They Die

Celebrity Death List



photo credit: Xavier Donat via photopin cc


  1. I will take chips over photos of the popular members of my pack any day. And for chocolate I will give up gossip altogether. Clearly I am not much of a Chimpanzee...
    What a great list. I must say they are not nearly as great at blogging as we are. Just saying ;)

    1. You are one of the most farthest-from-a-Chimp human that I know;) agreed, celeb bloging seems a bit contrived to suit the common man. . . until one does Monday Listicles ;)

  2. I've never thought of reading a celebrity blog...hmm...maybe I should.

  3. well, okay, I actually sort of love felicity huffman and think that she & william macy are pretty much really cool. but mostly I love that we are all like celebrities b/c we all die. that cracks me up; I'm not sure why.

    1. I sort of love Felicity Huffman, too, and think her blog is relatively new, and will probably check it out. Yes, no matter our status, we are the same in the end. ;)

  4. Whoa, wait a minute, stop the presses! TOM CRUISE EATS? WTF? News flash!
    And STEVE MARTIN'S on Twitter? I've got to follow him! (-:

  5. The one of Tom Cruise made me laugh because of the caption. Simplicity is the best. And I'm going to go add the child abuse awareness link to our list. Can't believe I forgot to do that. Linking your site to it also, since you have done the research for us all. Ellen

  6. I didn't know about Felicity Hoffman's blog! I love her & Macy (especially after rediscovering him on Shameless). Great list, Kimberly and I imagine the light and fluffiness of celebrity must have been a great break from child abuse.

  7. oh my goodness, I loved your list. It was interesting , entertaining and gave me lots of people to follow ;)

  8. I have checked out some celebrity blogs, but I agree with Stasha...I think we do it best.
    but what amazes me is how many celebs will actually retweet, or reply to a tweet.

  9. So true...while there are lots of differences in lifestlye at times in the end we are just people and all the same :)

  10. Awesome awesome list, except I refuse to die. I want to torture my children and grandchildren like the hill my mom is headed down now.

    ~The G is Silent

  11. They use the toilet... I know that's right! Hilarious picture!

  12. Pictures over food??? Silly chimps. Love your list, 9 made me lol and 10 the great equalizer.

  13. you should have used ochocinco's twitter pic ;)

  14. Some celebrities have really great blogs. Though the only ones I really follow are famous writers. Makes sense that they would be entertaining to read. Eat and sleep. They probably do less of eating and more of sleeping than they let on.

  15. I love your list and especially the information you found about why status is so desired and important to people, makes a lot of sense actually. I have not checked out too many celeb blogs but I do admit I'm always curious about other people's pregnancies and will totally check out the big, famous bellies :) Great list!


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