Monday, March 26, 2012

Ten Make it Easier

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I had visions of getting into a disciplined blogging groove last week while the kids were on Spring Break with their dad.  However, it turned out that having an extended play-date with my significant other, M, overruled all regulation of activity.

Thankfully, I can ease back into things with a relatively easy Monday Listicles.  Terri, of Terri Sonoda, came up with today's topic, "10 Things That Make Life Easier."  I know that the great blogging community created by Stasha at The Good Life, is one thing that certainly makes Monday easier, and I am grateful.

Ten that make life easier (in no particular order):

Car – It’s old, but it works. The bus line here isn’t extensive. I feel for those I see waiting at the stop.

Mini Shop Vac – Collects all the stray dog hair left on EVERYTHING by my three Chihuahuas.

Samsung Epic Smartphone – I rarely use it as a phone; I don’t like to talk. I use it for texting, Twitter, and playing Word Feud and my latest addiction, Draw Something.

Toshiba Laptop – I’m on it now, later, and a moment ago.

Google – I look up everything.  And I enjoy the Droid OS on my smartphone.

Spotify – It helps me stay connected to my teen by sharing music.  And I love music.

Microwave – I’m no chef.  Everything would be raw if it weren’t for the ol’ thing.

Bank Card – I don’t even want to imagine life without automatic teller machines and online shopping.

My Dogs – They make me smile.

My Girls and M – They make it all worthwhile.


  1. Sweet list Kimberly! I agree, I'd hate to think about life without google!

  2. Such a great list Kimberly! Google, laptops make life so much easier and the minis make it all worth it! So glad you had a great unscheduled week with Mr. wonderful! Always good to have that time and you sound like you may be glowing!:)

  3. BANK CARD!!!! Excellent Kimberly!!!! What WOULD we do with checks and cash? Blech.

    ~The G is Silent

  4. Gosh, Google sure does make life easier! You can look up anything on Google.

  5. I remember having to look up things in my grandpa's encyclopedia featuring 14 volumes. So Google is indeed a life saver! I am so happy you had an awesome week. Here is to love :)

  6. Love this list!! It's tart, sweet, real, and spunky. And of course, the car and bank card, and KIDS should be on the list!! Awesome! Erin

  7. Such a sweet (and practical) list! Happy listicles!

  8. ** Slaps forehead **

    How did I forget microwave? The minute our breaks, I'm headed to the store to buy another. I can't live without it. Agree with all the others.

  9. So glad to know you're a Samsung Epic Smartphone fiend too Kim! I am loving my galaxy S2. :)

  10. my trusty toshiba has lasted five years and counting... my husband keeps telling me to give it up but I feel like i wouldn't know where the keys are on another laptop. glad to see yours made the list!

  11. I love this sweet, happy list. Google, laptops and smartphones - all so awesome. I can't remember what life was like when I didn't just use my atm card everywhere for everything. Glad you had a good week, an extended play-date with a significant other over rules all in my book!

  12. How could I have forgotten Google? I'd be lost ,literally,I use it for trip planning with out it. Great list and that picture of the hen in the microwave is making me LOL

  13. How did I not think of Bank Card! They are amazing things, who needs cash anymore!

  14. Aww, love this list. I had Google on my list as well. I hadn't heard of spotify. I definitely want to take a look at that.


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