Monday, March 19, 2012

Pros and Cons of Being a Kid

It’s Monday. Time for Monday Listicles brought to you by Stasha, photographer extraordinaire, at The Good Life.  This week’s theme is kids—reasons it’s great to be a child or reasons it is not.  I know I would really enjoy being a kid again.  What about you?  I also know  I really enjoy the Monday Listicles community and I encourage you to check it out and participate.  I mean really, how long does it take to create a list?

Pros and Cons of Being a Child...
Tween... Teen...
Confused Mini-Adult with Toddler Tendencies

Pro: You don’t have to go to work every day.

Con: You have to go to middle school every day.

Pro: You don’t have to do laundry.

Con: Your favorite jeans are never clean the day you want to wear them.

Pro: If your mom feels guilty about your favorite jeans not being clean, you’re most likely going to convince her to get you a glass of milk even though you can get it yourself.

Con: When there is no milk in the refrigerator, you have to wait for someone with cash and wheels to go out and get some.

Pro: You get summers off.

Con: If you act bored during the summer, you’ll be recruited to walk to the store to replenish the milk supply because, “It’s nice outside.”  When you get home, you’ll be recruited to wash the car, clean out closets, and walk the elderly neighbor’s dog.

Pro: You can still get away with playing with your Build-A-Bears.

Con: Your mom blogs about you playing with Build-A-Bears.

Pro: If it's raining, you can contact your mom via your cell and get a ride home after school.

Con: Your mom shows up to pick you up after school in her red plaid jammie pants.

Pro: Your biggest worry is that big math test on Thursday.

Con: Your biggest worries are Friday’s wardrobe decision...who’s going to show up to your party on Saturday...if Mom will get to your laundry on Sunday...Monday’s big zit on the end of your nose...
the big Tuesday surprise of your embarrassing photos from early childhood being posted on Facebook ("MOM, I am totally un-tagging myself!")...


wondering on Wednesday if there will ever  

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  1. The un-tagging whine cracked me up! ;) I have a few more years to go before this is a possibility. :)

  2. god I love this post! It reminded me a bit of those hellish books "If you give a pig a pancake," remember? where the story is basically the litany of the pig's desires and the little girl's endless attempts to satisfy those desires? There's a metaphor there somewhere! But oh the angsting over clothes and noses and hair, and the true hell of middle school. I'd do almost anything to avoid a middle-school re-do. And that includes re-doing high school or my entire twentieth decade. It was that bad. :)
    Of course, the ultimate lesson we all have to learn is that we none of us have that much control over our lives, no matter how old we are... but we learn (I think I hope) that not having control is going to be okay. (Mostly)

    1. I really enjoy your quest for the perfect metaphor. I get it, truly, I do.

  3. Oh my goodness, but I loved this. And your title was perfect: "Pros and Cons of Being a Child...Tween... Teen...Confused Mini-Adult with Toddler Tendencies." You hit the nail on the head with "Confused Mini-Adult with Toddler Tendencies!" Genius list. Thanks for the Monday morning giggle. Ellen

  4. So spot on that I actually thought you might have talked to MY kids when creating the list. I love the Build-A-Bears too, but the ending with the wistful, totally real feeling of kid-dom was the cherry on top. Great list! Erin

  5. ha, this is awesome. i love the pros and cons take to it. brilliant.

  6. I'm still not sure how much control I have! And middle school is for sure the worst!!! Ugh

  7. What a brilliant list Kim! I am just glad it is you and not your tween wearing the plaid pj's to school :)
    The older I get the more I think zits were not as bad as wrinkles and chin hair...

  8. This was funny! Aren't teenagers lovely?

  9. This is hilarious because it is so true. I love the way you set it up!

  10. Too funny. And I love the Build-A-Bear comment. Same goes for watching SpongeBob. But I guess we never get too old for SpongeBob.

  11. Oh the things I have to look forward to with two girls in the house. :)

  12. I love how you did this list! I do think kids have it really good but also feel their worries are valid for what they're going through. What to wear, who's coming to my party, etc. When you're young, that stuff is SO important. Great post!

  13. OMG I can't imagine life with a teen or a tween!

  14. ROFL, what a great take on the prompt. I'm still wondering if I'm ever going to have control over my own life. Red plaid jammie pants, the humiliation.

  15. That was great. Though the older i get the more i feel like any feeling of control is an illusion.

  16. Great list!! But I would def switch and go back to care-free life with dirty jeans....


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