Monday, February 27, 2012

High School Reunion, Yay or Nay?

Majorettes (photo credit)
It’s time for Monday Listicles, a weekly blog link up hosted by Stash at A Good Life.  Today, due to a suggestion by Rachel (Totally Ovar It), the Listicles blogging community is exploring the pros and cons of attending your school reunion.  For me, it’s a timely subject to contemplate.  I graduated from high school in 1987.  Put your eyeballs back in your head.  Yes, that’s 25 years ago.  I know it's shocking because I don’t look a day older than 30.  But I'm not sure about attending my 25th high school reunion this summer.  If I had Angelina Jolie’s right leg to take along with me, I might feel better about going.  

Angelina Jolie (photo credit)
Pros and cons for attending my 25th High School Reunion:

PRO: I am still hot. I could strut my stuff and superficially enhance my self-esteem for a few hours.

CON: I am still hot.  I could be talked about behind my back by jealous former cheerleaders who spent their high school careers doing that very same thing--destroying me with their meanness. 

PRO: I am no longer afraid of bully-type jealous people and could open my heart to forgiveness and thus, become a better person.  Possibly this transformation could lead to me becoming a humanitarian on par with Oprah Winfrey and go on to be awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 90th Annual Academy Awards.  Do I have to be in a film for that? 

CON: Even though I am friends with many of my classmates on Facebook, I haven’t spoken to anyone since my 10th reunion in 1997.  At that point in time, I was still drinking and don’t remember much of what transpired during that celebration.  I think maybe my behavior while under the influence has hindered some of my relationships with H.S. folks.  I don’t know and am frightened to find out.

PRO: I no longer drink.  I can leave a much better snapshot in former classmates’ minds than was left for them in 1997 and would not have to return to another reunion in order to clear my reputation.

CON:  Perhaps in my drunkenness during the 10th reunion, I criticized the chosen location of the party.  I mean really, a bowling alley?  The organizers may be waiting to beat me up or throw gum in my hair.

PRO: I can take in the loveliness of the reunion venue and my former classmates with sober, clear eyes.  This could be considered a CON, I am not sure.

Me, 1987, center right
CON: With the exception of marching band and a handful of people, I really hated high school.  I don’t see the point in reliving the torture of my four years of life spent as a confused and scared high school girl.  Really, I don’t.

PRO: Last I saw, the venue for the reunion may be at the casino.  I could win the jackpot and use my winnings to fix up my house, get a new car, and finally fit in among the wealthy people in my 2.5 square mile insulated community.  Maybe I’d even move south of Broad Street, but I doubt it.

CON:  My Alma Mater is two hours away by car.  Gas costs money.  That would be money I would rather spend on tickets to the Forecastle Festival which is during the same month, and tickets for Madonna’s concert taking place in Cleveland in November.  

Do you have a reunion coming up?  Will you attend?


  1. Holly Molly, I really thought you were 30 and a bit. Well you are! As much as I support strutting hotness for no other purpose as strutting itself, there are better venues then casino filled with cheerleaders :)
    Love this one Kim!

  2. I totally had you pegged at 28, but whatever. I get all of your points, and having continued hotness on your side is a definite bipolar issue. CHECK ME OUT BITCHES can easily become "Who does she think she is? She's not so hot." And then they'll all overdrink in honor of their jealousy of you and then things will get ugly.

    Great post.

  3. Oh, I would LOVE a bowling reunion. Then again, I like bowling much more than I like many of my old classmates

    1. That's funny. I hope you get a bowling reunion sometime soon. ;)

  4. Interesting locations...bowling alley and perhaps a casino? I liked how you went back and forth with this one. What's the consensus? If nothing else, maybe a good blog post as a result?

    1. Jackie,I have no idea, really. I can't imagine going. I mean, there's the old theory that if I want to reunite with classmates, I can do so without there being an official event. If I miss it, I leave everything a mystery.

  5. Really, the class of '87? Wow. I feel a connection already. (No worries, I'm already stalking too many people. I don't have room for anymore. Ha!) I, too, graduated in '87. I'm not sure if there is a reunion this Summer/Fall or not. I don't stay in touch with too many people from high school. Though honestly, I love people watching, so I'd enjoy going, staying in the corner, and watching. My best friend and I are a great team, especially when it comes to people watching. Anywhoo....

    Great Pro/Con list.

  6. That picture is priceless, all that big hair. Just remember that right leg was attached to those strangely bony arms??

  7. Wow 25 years! Yeah right! Loved seeing your cheer leading picture :) And my 10 year wasn't that great, hoping the 20 year will be better.

  8. My 25th is next year. I've never actually gone to any of mine. I've toyed with the idea of going to mine next year. I still keep in touch with all the people I'd want to go to see. Other than that, I honestly don't care.

  9. Wouldn't Angelina's right leg make us all feel better in going about our daily lives? "Right Leg, should I get the salmon or the chicken?" "Right Leg, could you go kick some cheerleader booty for me?"

    I have a (small) group of high school friends I keep in touch with and I think I'm good with that. I went to my 20th reunion and you know what? The people I didn't gel with in high school? I still didn't want to be in their company.

    Go have a reunion with Madonna. You can be two hot "elderly" chicks together. ;) Ellen

  10. I love your honestly and BRAVERY. I chickened out writing about my own reunion experiences. From one a bit older - these things do seem to get better with time. At least that's been my experience. I think with age most of us slowly lose the desire to impress and realize no one gets to this age without getting a few dings in the paint. But a bowling alley? That probably was not the best choice.


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