Saturday, October 29, 2011

Live Out Loud

About me day three.  I am not a film maker. I am a mom. And my baby just turned 13. Here's a media item that contains photos, videos, and music.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Morning in the Life

Day two of the “About Me” blogging exercise.  Routine and rituals are important for kids.  I thought if you had a glimpse of our morning routine, complete with most rituals, you’d get to know Sperk* a bit better.  Here’s a timeline:

6:00 a.m.             
  • Open Eyes, check to see if breathing, if yes, continue
  • Make Sophia breakfast which consists of a Balance Bar and a cup of 2% milk

6:15 a.m.               
  • Wake Sophia 
  • Sit across the table from Sophia, both have our laptops, and discuss what we have found interesting online 
  • Play Fashion Story, WordFeud, and Words with Friends
  • Check Twitter, read articles and blogs of interest, save thought-provoking items in Diigo
  • Check Cozi Family Calendar


 6:45 a.m.              
  • Sophia gets ready for school
  • Open Spotify
  • Pack Sophia's lunch which usually consists of a sandwich with processed meat, cheese, and mustard; apples (sometimes strawberries); carrots; a bag of chips; and a Horizon Organic Chocolate milk

7:00 a.m.              
  • Tend to Sophia’s wardrobe, chore, and after school requests/needs
  • Let dogs out. (Bexley has an ordinance wherein residents cannot have barking dogs out before 7am or I would do it sooner)
7:15 a.m.              
  • Make Antonia’s breakfast (same as Sophia’s)
  • Let dogs in

7:25 a.m.              
  • Wake Antonia 

7:30 a.m.               
  • Drive one mile with Sophia in passenger seat of car. Drop her at BMS.

7:35 a.m.             
  • Home. Listen to Antonia’s complaints which usually consist of, “I am tired, I have a headache, and my nose is stuffy," because she is usually tired and is allergic to our Chihuahuas
  • Let dogs out (they have tiny bladders)

7:45 a.m.              
  • Encourage Antonia to get ready for school
  • Pack her lunch (Same as Sophia's)
  • Let Dogs in
  • Play Fashion Story, WordFeud, Words with Friends; fold laundry (if necessary), Tweet, read something online and share to Twitter or email via Shareaholic           
8:20 a.m.              
  • Yell to Antonia’s bedroom that she has to be at school in five minutes

8:25 a.m. 
  • Frantically put Antonia’s lunchbox into her backpack that she carries from her room once she emerges
 8:26 a.m.               
  • Yell things like “I love you!” and “Have a great day!” very loudly out the door to Antonia as she walks down the street heading towards school
 8:25 a.m.               
  •  Let dogs out


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

About Me—the Melodrama

mel·o·dra·ma  (ml-dräm, -drm)n.
 A drama, such as a play, film, or television program, characterized by exaggerated emotions, stereotypical characters, and interpersonal conflicts.

Old house overlooking Walnut Grove Cemetery, Martins Ferry, Ohio
I grew up in a small river town in the Rust Belt of America—Steelers Nation and forever a Purple Rider. In the fall, when the trees became barren, the great Ohio was fully visible from my front porch.  A straight shot down into the river valley.  The porch was attached to our home mounted high atop an abandoned coal mine.  It was typical for the porch to drift away from the house about a quarter of an inch every spring.  This was annoying to my mother who was worried about appearances.  But I thought it was neat.  It gave me the sense that the earth beneath the house was alive and moving.  This was especially true when it would rain. Copper-colored water would stream through the concrete basement walls and flow down to the cement floor.  It could be creepy at times—like a scene from a horror movie—and I think it was eventually fixed.   But the power of the water was great enough to filter through the walls.  It was hopeful.  Similarly, the Ohio flowed propitiously south, towards its destination—the Mississippi.  I always dreamt of visiting the largest river in America.  I eventually did.  Today, I look back to the river when I need inspiration.  I look back to the foothills of the Appalachians which gave me a geographical hug every day.  They were solid support for courage to jump into the river and let myself flow right out of that small steel town.

About Who?

This “About Me” business has me a bit flustered and miffed.  I would like it to be short and sweet. Concise. Succinct. Interesting.  I have written and rewritten the widget to the left several times.  It is all process.  But this needs to be less of an evolving beast and more permanent.  Decisions.

The next (pick a number) blog posts will be different versions of “About Me” entries.  I am going to get creative.  (Hopefully that was a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' sort of statement.) 

I recently read a post by Galit Breen (great blog, you should follow) about including vlogs in blogs.  I will do that.  I realize I’ll need to upgrade to a better hosting site and get the “About Me” to its own space.  Until then, I’ll just keep writing.   

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Morning

A sunny October morning in Bexley, Ohio.  I drove up to my house after dropping off my daughter at school and noticed, not for the first time, that the house needs painted.  I entered through the front door into the tiny living space to find my younger daughter sitting at the kitchen table staring down at her plate which held a cookie dough flavored Balance bar.  It was accompanied by a red Fiestaware coffee cup full of 2% milk.  She was still waking up.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to finish making her lunch, check to see if anyone made a move on WordFeud, or go to the bathroom.  So I let the dogs out.  It had been at least 20 minutes since they ate and surely it was time to offer them some relief of their little organs.  With Scruffy, Tina, and Frodo outside yapping at the wind and annoying the neighbors, I decided to ask Antonia if she wanted the straightener plugged in.  I thought she may feel better about the day if her hair was done.  She typically just brushes it and it looks good--she's beautiful--but I was attempting to be a supportive mother.  "What would help her through the day?"  And unlike the exterior of the house which will have to be put on hold, her exterior can be updated, or spruced up, in order to maintain hope throughout a busy autumn school day.  I felt it was the least I could do to contribute to her mood.  To help elevate it and make her energized and excited about life.  Sometimes, moms can't leave well enough alone, for she typically perks up in time to leave for school and walks with a spring in her step for the entire one block journey.  It's just those moments when I think there may be something less than happy abound, I need to fix it.  Even though I know better.