Friday, November 18, 2011

Write On.

Writing is an empowering, mind-clearing tool that can help me become focused and free.  I have found that I can't get to the good stuff until extraneous stuff is purged which makes daily writing an important exercise.  Today, I have two papers due for my current class. Therefore, I am certainly not at a loss for what to write about.  But what happens when there are no assignments?  I look around the web for inspiration.  Here’s some great blogs and web pages with writing prompts that I like to use:

The One Minute Writer.  I especially like that like many of the blogs, it gives a daily prompt.  I also like the cute little video timer and that you can link your post to the blog.  Here’s one from this week:

Today's Writing Prompt: News
Write about a piece of good news you recently received.

I hear good news every day when the girls come home from school and tell me about their day.  No matter if they’ve passed or failed that big math test, had trouble finding a seat at lunch, decided they want to have a sleep over with a friend. . .hearing that they are getting along well at school always makes me feel grateful.

Mind Bump  is where other bloggers post prompts that are linked back to their blogs.  It's a great promotional tool that gets me thinking about topics I wouldn't have thought of on my own.  If I am not moved by the prompt that appears when I arrive at the page, I can refresh for a new one.

Writers Digest has some challenging prompts that are great story starters.  And for inspiration Write on Edge and Daily Writing Practice never fail to rouse some words to the page.  If I am looking for an alternative to my anagram games, a great word challenge SMITH Magazine's Six-Word Memoirs.

If the above fail to get me writing, I look through my Twitter profile. There's plenty of inspiration in the blog writers I follow!
Happy writing!

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